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Employer: Abbott House
Location: Mitchell, SD 57301
Employment Type: Part Time

Part Time $11.25/hour, plus benefits

I. Purpose:

A. Provide for the nutritional needs of the residents admitted to Agency programs.

B. Maintain a healthy and sanitary eating environment for the residents.

C. Integrate food services and well maintained facilities into the daily life of the youth care program.

D. Ensure the safety and sanitation of the building by providing an environment for residents and staff members that meets regulatory and Agency standards.

II. Qualifications:
A. Familiarity with federal child nutrition programs. Alternatively, must become familiar immediately after employment.
B. Adaptable to the transitional needs of a youth care program.
C. Mathematical and record keeping ability.
D. Food preparation experience, preferably in a cafeteria setting.
E. Able to lift weight up to 40 pounds.

IV. Principal Accountabilities:
A. Prepare appetizing and appropriate meals that meet or exceed the recommended nutritional requirements of children.
B. Provide a homelike but practical environment in which children can feel comfortable while also meeting the needs of an institutional setting.
C. Prepare timely and accurate documentation concerning the procurement and utilization of supplies and food products.
D. Plan and follow menus.
E. Purchase and maintain inventories of food supplies necessary for meal preparation.
F. Purchase other items necessary to run a kitchen and dining room in a group living environment such as sanitation items, paper products, and related items.
G. Oversee the general maintenance and cleanliness of all equipment, kitchen and dining room areas.
H. Verify compliance with all food service and health and safety guidelines.
I. Communicate information concerning facility repairs, safety/security issues and other plant or equipment needs to the Support Services Supervisor.
J. Ensure the general cleanliness of all living areas and equipment
K. Respond to other expectations of the Agency and/or supervisor.

Contact Information

Abbott House
PO Box 700
Mitchell, SD 57301

Other Information

Category(s): Cook, Nonprofit - Social Services, Janitorial / Cleaning
Industry: Healthcare / Health Services
Experience Req.: No
Degree Req.: No
Closing Date: 3/1/2018
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