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Employer: Salem Care and Rehabilitation Center
Location: Salem, SD 57058
Employment Type: Full Time
Environmental Supervisor and Housekeeping Supervisor

Position Summary:  Under the direction of the Environmental Supervisor and Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeping staff are responsible to perform scheduled housekeeping tasks as may be assigned by the Environmental Supervisor and/or Housekeeping Supervisor.  This may include but not be limited to mopping, sweeping, dusting, washing windows, shampooing and vacuuming carpets, arranging furniture, equipment fixtures, and hardware, etc.


Essential Position Functions:

A. Job Knowledge and Role Responsibilities:
1. Must follow policies and procedures set forth in Environmental Care Manual and Disaster Manual.
2. Must demonstrate safety in being around and using chemicals and follow all policies and procedures.
3. Have the physical ability to lift, carry, and/or operate equipment and supplies as necessary.
4. Attend all mandatory in-services by employee’s anniversary date.
5. Act appropriately under the direction of the Environmental Supervisor and Housekeeping Supervisor and act as an active member of the interdisciplinary team.
6. Demonstrate ability to adjust to changes in shift assignments to meet facility needs.
7. Communicate and observe the Corporate Compliance Program effectively and comply with Code of Conduct when performing work functions.

B. Essential Functions:

1. Use proper chemicals, tools, equipment; dust; vacuum and clean assigned areas including living areas, furniture, fixtures, vents, lavatories, and basins as scheduled.
2. Is knowledgeable about and assures compliance with all company policies.
3. Use proper chemicals in proper proportions to dust mop or wet mop or spot mop floors, or as necessary to strip, seal, wax, and buff floors.
4. Empty trash containers, replace liners as appropriate, and dispose of trash in proper receptacles.
5. Be able to walk and/or stand for extended periods of time.
6. Be able to perform moderate to heavy lifting.
7. Vacuum and/or shampoo carpets as necessary.
8. Utilize proper chemicals/equipment to wash and dry windows.
9. Report repair needs to supervisor as appropriate.
10. Identify and correct safety hazards and abide by safety rules.
11. Request needed supplies and/or equipment from supervisor.

C. Role Responsibilities-Interpersonal Skills:

1. Be aware of and adhere to Resident’s Bill of Rights and Confidentiality of Resident Information.
2. Interact with residents, family members, co-workers, clinical and ancillary staff in a non-judgmental, supportive and calm manner.
3. Report family satisfaction issues immediately to their supervisor.
4. Is aware of Resident Abuse Reporting Law.
5. Participate as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrate a positive, helpful and enthusiastic attitude.

D. Role Responsibilities-Safety:

1. Demonstrate ability to locate emergency equipment (i.e. fire extinguisher, etc.).
2. Understand and can demonstrate knowledge of role in Fire and Disaster Drills.
3. Use facility equipment safely.
4. Recognize, remove, and/or report potential hazards.

E. Role Responsibilities-Resident Dignity:

1. Ensure understanding of, and compliance with, all rules regarding residents’ rights.
2. Address residents in a respectful manner.

F. Other Duties
1.   Perform other duties and tasks as may be assigned by the supervisor.

G. Physical Requirements:
“Occasionally” equals approximately 1% to 33% of the workday, “Frequently” equals approximately 34% to 66% of the workday, and “Continuously” equals approximately 67% to 100% of the workday (typical full-time workday is 7.5 hours).
1. Job Requirements:   In number of hours per day.
a) Sit     1 to 2
b) Stand    4 to 5
c) Walk    4 to 5

2. Movements:
a) Bend/Stoop    Frequently
b) Squat/Crouch/Kneel  Frequently
c) Crawl    Occasionally
d) Reach    Frequently
e) Balance    Frequently
f) Push/Pull    Frequently

3. Weight Carried:
a) Up to 34 pounds   Frequently
b) 35 to 50 pounds   Frequently
c) 51 to 100 pounds   Occasionally with assistance*

 * Assistance can include mechanical devices, equipment or human assistance.

1. High school graduate preferred, or experience in a related field.
2. Be physically able to lift, carry, and/or operate equipment and supplies as necessary.
3. Experience in institution or maintenance is helpful.
4. Experience in use of floor-care equipment is helpful.
5. Successfully complete facility conducted orientation, mandatory training and inservice programs.
6. Must meet health assessment requirements, including two stage Mantoux skin test.
7. Must be capable of performing the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodations.
8. Must able to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing, and possess sufficient communication skills to perform the tasks required.

Contact Information

Salem Care and Rehabilitation Center
500 Colonial Drive
Salem, SD 57058

Other Information

Category(s): Janitorial / Cleaning, General Labor / Warehouse, Facilities
Industry: Healthcare / Health Services
Experience Req.: No
Degree Req.: No
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