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Employer: Sammons Financial Group
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Employment Type: Employee Full Time


Complete the process necessary to file 1099-MISC according to IRS regulations and company procedures.  File Puerto Rico Tax Forms with the Hacienda and assist with withholding deposits within statutory guidelines. Recognize, research and recommend resolution to tax issues.  Enforce internal controls ensuring all invoices, expense reports and/or credit card statements are properly coded, approved, and adhere to corporate guidelines and policy.  Ensure compliance with sales/use tax regulations, as well as, IRS regulations regarding vendor documentation and expense reporting.  Work with all related Sammons Financial Group (SFG) member company teams across all locations reflecting our corporate shared values while maintaining strict confidentiality over appropriate information.

  1. Perform all procedures necessary to fulfill IRS requirements for 1099-MISC processing including mandatory federal withholding ensuring year-end printing, mailing, and transmission of forms, in accordance with IRS regulatory dates; perform further validation of proper documentation to ensure everything up-to-date according changing IRS regulations; run tax reporting jobs for Accounts Payable throughout the year to validate information coming from the Accounts Payable system and preparing documents for year end, as well as, ensuring proper documentation going forward.
  2. Perform all procedures necessary to fulfill Hacienda requirements for Puerto Rico 480.6A, 480.6B and 480.7C processing, including mandatory withholding, ensuring year-end printing, mailing, and transmission of forms, in accordance with Hacienda regulatory dates; further validation of proper documentation is up-to-date according changing Hacienda regulations.
  3. Communicate with regulatory bodies (IRS or State Regulatory bodies) regarding any notifications regarding 1099-MISC and Puerto Rico 480.6A and 480.6B, as well as, communicating with form recipient and/or service areas to answer any inquiries regarding these forms. 
  4. Engage in critical thinking to decipher IRS code and take appropriate action as a result of the analysis.
  5. Perform B-Notice procedures to fulfill IRS requirements, including any proactive procedures; includes resolving Taxpayer Identification Number and name mismatches and missing TIN situations related to income reporting forms, including research, contact with form recipient, file documentation, employee notification of changes, implementation of backup withholding and subsequent follow-up.
  6. Maintain proper tax reporting information and analyze 1099-MISC forms to ensure regulation accuracy and provide necessary information required for statutory Blue Book compilation; execute B-Notice procedures to fulfill IRS requirements.
  7. Obtain and possess a working knowledge of the systems that feed into the Company Tax System; includes agent administration systems (LifeCom, Agency, Policylink, PPlus, Accounts Payable, and RPS Disbursements), and a thorough understanding of all “jobs” that are in production, as well as test; utilize this knowledge to determine root cause of problems and take appropriate problem resolution actions in a timely manner.
  8. Assist in completion of any year-end form completion as necessary to meet IRS deadlines.
  9. Assist with federal and state tax withholding deposits within statutory deadlines.
  10. Engage in critical thinking to design an internal audit of our Sales and Use tax procedures and ensure execution of those procedures ensuring all manual processes are double checked; maintain all regulatory due dates and requirements and evaluate further liability with other states.
  11. Compile and file Sales/ Use Tax Returns in appropriate states to be mailed to the State Treasurer no later than three days prior to the appropriate due date:  monthly, quarterly or year end
  12. Ensure all invoices, expense reports and credit card statements are paid within proper guidelines ensuring all discounts are received and they are accurately coded in the proper company expense accounts and cost centers to ensure compliance with an Accountable Plan according to IRS regulations allowing proper deductions; maintain any travel advance accounts to ensure proper reimbursement is received with all proper documentation in addition to ensuring proper Record Information Management procedures; complete of all monthly/quarterly administrative billings, prepare reports/transmittals, monthly balancing of subsidiary accounts and any other reports requested by management.
  13. Analyze all vendor information to ensure proper regulatory documentation is received, validated and entered accurately; evaluate each invoice, expense report, and credit card statement for proper approval and coding according to corporate guidelines and procedures; evaluate each payment to ensure compliance with all State’s Sales/ Use tax regulations.
  14.  Train new employees in the Treasury Operations Document Specialist position, as well as, training for any new technicians ensuring a high level of accuracy.
  15. Assist with setup of employee Travel Profiles with company travel agency, as well as, assist with traveler’s questions and bookings while enforcing the Company Travel Policy.
  16. Establish and execute test plans for any project, as well as, maintaining proper documentation for these projects.
  17. Provide consultative support to all employees regarding travel policy and credit card processing.



  • An Associate’s degree in accounting/relevant business field required, experience in tax reporting desirable
  • High level analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Excellent time management skills necessary to adhere strict regulatory due dates required for submitting accurate filings
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong mathematical ability
  • Ability to interact with all levels of management with tact and comfort
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook required;10-Key skills, preferred
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Mainframe experience helpful in accounts payable, employment taxes, payroll or IRS information reporting procedures
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • FINRA regulations require fingerprinting for this position; Management reserves the right to determine and approve incumbent suitability for this position
  • Due to the financial nature and level of accountability of this position, a credit and criminal background check is required





Contact Information

Sammons Financial Group
Human Resources
5400 S Solberg Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
Phone: .

Other Information

Category(s): General Business, Executive
Experience Req.: No
Degree Req.: No
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Sammons Financial Group
Sioux Falls, SD
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