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Employer: Pipestone System
Location: Edgerton, MN .
Employment Type: Full Time

Objective: Have a desire to work daily with swine and people. Have the ability to identify swine that are an ideal market weight, implement market strategies, understand swine marketing, coordinate people and communicate in a professional manner with colleagues.

As an employee you will actively contribute to live animal production and properly marketing those animals. Pipestone provides opportunity for all employees to collaborate internationally, offering visibility and opportunity to directly contribute to the companies' success. We realize that our strength and competitive advantage lie with our people. We support our employees in a number of ways to foster a healthy working environment, meaningful work, diversity and inclusion, mobility, networking and work-life balance. Our competitive compensation and benefit programs reflect Spronk Brothers high regard for our employees.


  1. Contribute to a positive team atmosphere

  2. Have ability to judge the weight of market swine and identify the largest animals in a population

  3. Have the desire to learn and share knowledge with others

  4. Motivate and coordinate team members for superior performance

  5. Have the ability to analyze information and make strategic decisions to maximize marketing opportunity

  6. Assist in the development, implementation and execution of strategic marketing plans that optimize revenue.

  7. To drive consistent execution of marketing strategies.

  8. To provide high level analysis of potential marketing opportunities utilizing insights from market research, industry trends, competitive intelligence.

  9. Be a goal orientated team player


Contact Information

Pipestone System
PO Box 188
1300 So Hwy 75
Edgerton, MN .

Other Information

Category(s): Marketing / Communications, Agricultural / Farming, Sales
Industry: Agriculture
Experience Req.: No
Degree Req.: No
Closing Date: 4/11/2018
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