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Employer: Resources for Human Development
Location: Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Employment Type: Full Time

Position Summary


Direct Support Professional (DSP) provides support to individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. DSP’s must be enthusiastic, reliable, and person-centered people who are passionate about supporting individuals with disabilities to attain the highest level of independence possible, having meaningful relationships and lives they choose. The DSP must be able to address the dynamic ever changing needs of the people they support and promote a climate of compassion, understanding and realization of people’s dreams.


Essential Duties and Functions


The following are a list of job duties that are viewed as “Core Responsibilities”. “Core Responsibilities” are essential job functions of a DSP, must occur and are considered non-negotiable. DSP’s that fulfil these job functions are meeting minimum stands related to job expectations:

  • Support the individual in working on outcomes and action steps from the Individualized Support Plan (ISP).

  • Assist individuals with budgeting skills, financial decisions and making purchases.

  • Give input to Team Leader in completing annual Person Centered Assessments.

  • Provide personal care as needed to assist the individual in maintaining their health and appropriate public appearance. This may include but not limited to diapering, tooth brushing, hair and nail care, bathing and/or dressing.

  • Support the individual in completing household responsibilities, meal prep and attending to personal matters, including health maintenance, personal safety, and legal issues.

  • Support individuals in achieving outcomes and desired activities. Notify the supervisor or program director of any issues concerning completing outcomes.

  • Support individuals in developing and maintaining appropriate relationships with the community, family and friends.

  • Support the individual in advocating for themselves, and be an advocate for the individual when needed.

  • Document accurately all progress notes, mileage logs, MARs, incident report, seizure charts, behavioral charts, and any Human Resources paperwork before leaving shift.

  • Support the individual when addressing issues concerning their home, vehicle or RHD/individual property and reporting concerns to the appropriate parties.

  • Complete electronic time sheet and all electronic documentation (electronic health record) at the end of every shift.

  • Attend all mandatory staff trainings as identified by RHD, state or governing agencies.

  • Participate in interactive supervisory meetings with your direct supervisor.

  • Clearly communicate with DSPs, families, RHD supervisory personnel, support coordination and ancillary services.

  • Immediately report any change of status in an individual including but not limited to injuries, illnesses, behavioral concerns, emotional stability, and hygiene issues.

  • Provide transportation in a safe, law-abiding manner.

  • Assist the individual within their skill level in taking medications as prescribed (after completion of Medication Administration Training), and complete all corresponding documentation.

  • Identify, document and notify the supervisor or program director of all unusual incidents in a timely manner.

  • Protect all HIPAA related information at all times and share information on a need to know basis and in a private area away from other individuals to which the subject matter does not involve.

  • Provide emergency medical procedures as needed, including Basic First Aid, and CPR (after completion of CPR Training).

  • Identify, document and notify the supervisor or program director of all unusual incidents in a timely manner.

  • Maintain supervision levels and appropriate therapeutic boundaries at all times.

  • Represent RHD/South Dakota program in a professional manner at all times.

  • Complete all other duties as assigned.

  • Be able to work with persons of difference personal beliefs than your own, and support their beliefs so that the individual lives a meaningful life to the extent they wish.

  • Be good stewards of individuals federal and state benefits. Use funds for the designated items.

Qualifications include:
• High School diploma or GED is required.
• Pass a background check
• Prior experience in the human service field is preferred.
• Basic computer skills are required.
• Valid South Dakota driver’s license.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to teach life skills such as housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care, health maintenance and personal safety.
• Ability to engage individuals in effective, therapeutic, and healthy interactions.
• Ability to maintain professional and therapeutic boundaries at all times.
• Ability to interpret and implement Individualized Support Plans (ISP), Behavior Support Plans (BSP) and Rights Restrictions as it relates to each individual.
• Ability to respect the individual’s culture and identity, and assist them in participating and maintaining that culture.
• Ability to maintain all levels of supervision with an individual as required in the ISP.
• Ability to perform crisis intervention techniques as required.
• Ability to maintain high levels of vigilance for extended time periods.
• Capacity to life individuals for the purpose of transfers, as applicable.
• Ability to safely handle bodily fluids.

Contact Information

Resources for Human Development
Kelli Anderson
705 E 41st St
Suite 230
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Phone: 605-214-7357

Other Information

Category(s): Nonprofit - Social Services
Industry: Managed Care
Experience Req.: Yes
Degree Req.: No
Closing Date: 2/21/2018
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