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Employer: CCL Label, Inc
Location: Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5037
Employment Type: Full Time


This position is the primary plant administrator for the CMM system and responsible for data entry, set-up, training, report generation and spare parts inventory of all assets using the CMM system.  This includes ordering and expediting asset parts. Specific skills include knowledge of mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and electrical terminology along with a useful understanding of computers and software. Will require excellent communications with part and equipment suppliers.   

Essential Accountabilities

  • Research, locate, and organize parts / components as needed for all plant assets. Percent of Time 70%

  • Generate reports and maintain CMM system accuracy. Percent of Time 10%

  • Assist in minor equipment repairs. Percent of Time 20%

Duties Include

  1. Continue to develop, organize and implement an effective CMM system for facility and production equipment.

  2. Data entry of spare parts, PM tasks, equipment set-up etc.

  3. Provide necessary effort to locate and expedite parts and components during emergency breakdown situations.

  4. Provide periodic cycle counts of storeroom inventories.

  5. Provide reports as needed from CMM system.

  6. Following office procedures to generation of purchase requisition, approvals and receiving of purchased parts.

  7. Performs regular data analysis on parts and assets.

  8. Manage work order- ensure proper creation, planning, update and closure of work

  9. Work harmoniously as a team and be respectful of others.

  10. Other duties as required.


Experience preferred for this position is a minimum of 2 years in maintenance related field or 2 years in a maintenance CMM related field.


Vocational education to learn to operate and use specialized equipment or gain a specialized skill. 

Technical Competencies

  • Ability to read and interpret documents and at times read blueprints.

  • Must possess basic computer and calculator skills.

  • Must be able to use the computer to set-up and generate needed reports using MS Excel and the CMM software as needed.

Professional Competencies

  • Ability to communicate on the phone and possess a reasonable understanding of technical terminology, materials and tools used in the maintenance of industrial equipment related to the job.

  • Must possess integrity, communication and reasoning skills to provide a positive work environment.


Contact Information

CCL Label, Inc
PO Box 5037
1209 West Bailey
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5037

Other Information

Category(s): Skilled Labor - Trades, Manufacturing, Skilled Labor
Industry: Manufacturing
Experience Req.: No
Degree Req.: No
Closing Date: 3/10/2018
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