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Employer: Holiday Inn- Airport
Location: Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Employment Type: Full Time

Be sure to read this job description carefully and become familiar with the personal qualifications and essential functions of the job. For each personal qualification, determine whether you can fulfill the qualification.  For each essential function, determine whether you can properly and safely perform the function.  If you have questions about the job, the general manager is available to answer your questions.
You must perform all maintenance duties in accordance with Company policies and procedures.  You are responsible for keeping the hotel in good condition in all areas, including guest rooms, building, grounds, equipment, and furnishings.  You may be asked to perform other duties, from time to time, which are not stated in this job description.
Immediate Supervisor: The general manager is your immediate supervisor.  In the absence of the general manager, the assistant general manager and/or guest service manager (whichever is applicable to the hotel) is your immediate supervisor.  In the absence of your immediate supervisors, the Director of Operations assigned to the hotel is available to answer questions.
Dress Code: You must wear a uniform with a name tag (provided by the Company) which only uses your first name, and closedtoe shoes of appropriate nature (athletic shoes are not acceptable).  All employees must wear the same color combinations.  You will be furnished with two uniforms (if you would like more than two uniforms, you must pay for additional ones).  You are responsible for maintaining the condition and cleanliness of your uniforms.  Follow the washing instructions tag attached to each uniform.  If your uniform is torn or damaged due to normal use, your uniform will be replaced or repaired as needed.  When you receive your uniforms, you must sign an authorization form.  By signing this form, you are acknowledging that you have received the uniforms for use while employed at the hotel and have authorized the hotel to deduct $15.00 from your final pay for each uniform damaged due to your intentional acts or not returned to the hotel when employment ends  

Personal qualifications:
1. Is committed to the right of employees to work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment, including sexual discrimination and sexual harassment. 
2. Treats all guests equally and provides guests with accommodations and services without regard to age, race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, sex (gender), sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, current or past military service, disability, genetic information, or political affiliation. 
3. Is ready to begin work at scheduled time.  Consistent on-time attendance is essential.
4. Offers courteous and sincere hospitality at all times.  Understands what is meant by “good guest service”.  (Provides the public with uniform, consistent, efficient, courteous, high-quality service in addition to a clean hotel and grounds.)
5. Keeps appropriate business information confidential both on and off duty.
6. Is well groomed and maintains personal hygiene appropriate for a business setting; adheres to dress code policy.
7. Maintains clean and orderly work area and equipment.
8. Communicates well with supervisors; communicates well orally, and in writing; writes legibly.
9. Handles guest complaints effectively.  Understands and reacts effectively to the needs and interests of the hotel guests.
10. Is honest and reliable; can be trusted.
11. Cooperates with co-workers and creates a team environment.
12. Is able and willing to engage in physical, challenging work.
13. Displays good judgment and common sense.
14. Strives to maintain a safe and secure environment for guests and staff.
15. Is able to speak and read effectively in the English language.
16. Complies with BBP, OSHA, and Hazcomm 2012 standards.  Knows the potential hazards of any chemicals used and the proper personal protective equipment required. Uses personal protective equipment as directed by Safety Data Sheets.

Essential job duties and responsibilities:

1. Has the ability to report to work on time.
2. Has the ability to follow instructions from supervisors.
3. Has the ability to interact with co-workers in a civil and businesslike manner.
4. Has the ability to understand and follow work guidelines and procedures.
5. Has the ability to accept constructive criticism without becoming defensive.
6. Has the ability to walk, stand, remain stationary for long periods of time; ability to walk up and down stairs, reach to heights of up to 72 inches, bend to the floor, lift, push, pull when specific job duties require.
7. Answers any questions about the hotel and community, is knowledgeable about the location of attractions, restaurants, shopping, churches, and answers complaints or concerns by the guests. 
8. Is part of the hotel's security team and is responsible for immediately reporting, orally or in writing, any potential safety or security hazards to immediate supervisor. Completes routine and preventive maintenance according to items listed on the daily maintenance checklist and repairs all areas of the hotel, including guest rooms, grounds, and public areas.
9. Keeps completed maintenance checklist of all work performed on all areas of the hotel.  Maintains this checklist daily.

Other duties and responsibilities:
1. Schedules regular preventative maintenance program on equipment such as vacuum cleaners, HVAC units, central air units, washers and dryers, pool/spa equipment, fitness equipment, and housekeeping carts to keep them in good working condition; follows manufacturer's procedures and safety recommendations.
2. Implements and schedules guestroom preventative maintenance program.  Follows Company/Brand standard programs designated by hotel franchisor.
3. Paints or touches up areas of the hotel as needed or when assigned.
4. Keeps all outside areas clean including building, parking lot, lawn, and trash receptacle area.
5. Checks all exterior lighting; replace bulbs where accessible.
6. Uses power tools in a careful manner using protective eyewear and clothing, as necessary, following manufacturer’s specifications.
7. Completes maintenance on lawn and planted area including cutting, weed control, fertilizing and watering, when assigned.
8. Shampoos guest room and public area carpets as assigned.
9. Pool maintenance (if hotel has facility).  Conducts routine tests on water quality; treats water with approved treatment chemicals.  Keeps area clean.  All chemicals must be stored and handled in accordance with OSHA and Hazcomm 2012 standards.  At some locations, local and state certification may be required to test and treat the pool.
10. Whirlpool, Jacuzzi, spa or hot tub maintenance (if hotel has facility).  Conducts routine water tests; treats water with approved treatment chemicals.  Keeps area clean.  All chemicals must be stored and handled in accordance with OSHA and Hazcomm 2012 standards.  At some locations, local and state certification may be required to test and treat the whirlpool, Jacuzzi, spa or hot tub.
11. Exercise equipment maintenance (if hotel has facility).  Maintains equipment to keep in good working order.
12. Performs basic maintenance on company vehicles (if hotel has vehicle) (have the oil changed, check oil, tire pressure, and cleaning, etc.).
13. Continually monitors hotel premises for any hazardous conditions and corrects as necessary.  Immediately notifies immed&


Contact Information

Holiday Inn- Airport
2040 West Russell
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Other Information

Category(s): Hospitality, Maintenance, General Labor / Warehouse
Industry: Hotel / Resort
Experience Req.: No
Degree Req.: No
Closing Date: 2/20/2018
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