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Employer: Sanford Health
Employment Type: Full Time

The Rotary Wing IFR Pilot is a licensed helicopter pilot who is assigned to Sanford Air Med and has received orientation to the flight team. The pilot is responsible for helicopter flight missions requested by Sanford. Rotor wing pilots must comply with applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.Must be a skillful pilot and IFR qualified. The pilot is directly responsible for all operations pertaining to the safe efficient conduct of the flight from initial dispatch until termination of the flight. Must have a good working knowledge of the company Operations Manual, Federal Aviation Regulations, Operations Specifications, Aircraft Flight Manual, and any other requirements pertinent to specific flights. Must demonstrate interdisciplinary skills when working with team members. Must have effective critical thinking skills to problem solve and immediately respond to changing environments.

Must have completed training to possess at least a Commercial Certificate (FAA) with a Rotorcraft Helicopter and an Instrument rating. An Airline Transport Pilot rating is preferred. Must possess a least a current second class medical certificate, must be current in commercial and instrument flying. The pilot must have successfully completed an approved training program and passed an FAA check ride before flying as Pilot In Command on patient missions. Will have successfully have completed instrument check ride within 6 months into position. Must possess a current commercial rotorcraft-helicopter certificate with an instrument rating which will be tracked and verified by Sanford AirMed Operations Director.

Contact Information

Sanford Health
Phone: 877-243-1372

Other Information

Category(s): Aviation, Healthcare, Other
Industry: Airline / Aviation
Experience Req.: Yes
Degree Req.: No
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