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Teaching Counselor –  $14/hr plus benefits or w/4 yr degree $14.25 Print
Employer: Abbott House
Location: Mitchell, SD 57301
Employment Type: Full Time

  1. Purpose:

  2. Provide the nurturance and safety required to care for youngsters.

  3. Integrate the Agency’s programming into the daily life of each youngster in residential care.


  1. Bachelors Degree. Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience and training are preferred.

  2. Personal characteristics and temperament suited to working with, caring for and winning the respect of young people.

  3. Training and experience background that enables them to provide care, guide the development and effectively manage young people.

  4. Adaptable to and in agreement with the program’s methods and the content of Agency Services.

  5. Ability to effectively interact with sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural differences in the client population.

III. Responsible To:  Unit Director

  1. Principal Accountabilities:

  2. Ensure the safety and well being of every youngster.

  3. Provide opportunities for the youth to learn and improve social skills using the motivation system and teaching interactions, both positive and negative, and recording points earned on youth cards at the end of each day/week.

  4. Provide a positive therapeutic environment through the appropriate use of self and treatment techniques.

  5. Prepare timely and accurate documentation, reports, log narratives, and other assigned writing.

  6. Participation in the team process by working cooperatively with other staff and attending all assigned meetings.

  7. The timely reporting of all incidents and unusual situations, as well as equipment failures or safety issues.

  8. Advance working skills and knowledge by in-service training and other means available.

  9. Intervention in crisis situations by responding appropriately.

  10. Protection and security of the property and supplies of the residents and the Agency.

  11. Respond to other expectations of the Agency and/or supervisor.

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Contact Information

Abbott House
PO Box 700
Mitchell, SD 57301

Other Information

Category(s): Education, Nonprofit - Social Services
Industry: Healthcare / Health Services
Experience Req.: No
Degree Req.: No
Closing Date: 3/1/2018
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